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a Strib Wings Review

A few months ago my hubby inherited a Trager wood pellet grill. He had been wanting one forever – pretty much since our brother-in-law got one years ago and has made some pretty amazing dinners on that thing.


Fast forward to present day and it has pretty much been BBQ central up in our house, we literally cook ALL THE MEATS on our Trager, all the time.


I will admit it’s pretty awesome. Besides the amazing flavor, I really like how the indirect cooking on the wood pellet grill reduces any carcinogenetic chemicals from forming – which supposedly increase the risk of cancer. I don’t know how much scientific evidence there is to back up that this method is healthier than traditional BBQ-ing, but it sounds good enough to me and it certainly isn’t harming my family to cook this way.


So basically the Cholakian’s drank the Trager Kool-Aid – and we love it!!


Now that we are all in on this food trend, neck deep in brisket and smelling like a bonfire every night, we are heavily experimenting with different rubs and sauces and cuts of meat to take or BBQ game to the next level!


So when I found out that a local company, Strib Wings, was making unique and flavorful sauces, handcrafted spices and meat rubs, and that they were also exhibitors for the upcoming Fresno Food Expo, I had to reach out to them to try their products!!


Let me tell you they did not disappoint. The owners of Strib Wings gave us so many yummy things to try…




I mean, that’s super generous!


In that bundle we received the following:

Kona Cost Coffee Steak Spice Rub – which is the perfect blend of spices that caramelized after quickly searing it, so even an inexpensive cut of meat tasted delicious – especially in combination with the smoker!!!


The Mark Spice Rub – which was extremely versatile, we used it on chicken, veggies, and meat too!


The Smoke House Sweet BBQ Sauce- which reminded me of a traditional BBQ sauce you could put on pulled pork, or ribs, or anything really.


Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce- which was a little sweet and a little spicy, but not too spicy. It was surprisingly versatile with its smoky, raspberry flavor. It was recommended I try it on vanilla ice cream, or even brie cheese for an appetizer – which would be delicious!


Texas Style BBQ Sause – which was the spiciest by far, with a hit of sweetness. Much like the Smoke House it could be used on anything, as long as you like some heat!!!


We got to work and decided to cook up some drumsticks and tri-tip





We used the meat rubs first, since I am currently in the middle of a Whole30 (lots more to come on that) and both of them were compliant with the program.


We seasoned the meats the night before and threw them both on the Trager the next morning to slowly smoke alllll day!


I served them up with some sides: salt and vinegar fingerling potatoes and some shredded brussel sprouts with prosciutto and shallots.






You guys, it was amazing. I really wish you could have tasted it because you would have been so happy. If you want to try out any of the Strib Wings products (and there are a bunch) you can find them at these local establishments:


Sumner Peck

Simonian Farms

Bravo Farms


Or just order them here.


We can’t wait to bust out our Trager again soon and try out the rest of our goodies – we just have to get through all the leftovers first!!


If you want to experience the Fresno Food Expo for yourself and try some of the very best food and beverages Central California has to offer, you can still buy tickets here.


Strib Wings and so many others in the food community will be there showcasing innovative new products on July 28th from 5pm-8pm at the Fresno Convention Center. You really don’t want to miss it.




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